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Silicone flex toilet brush

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Stop Missing Spots On Your Toilet

Flat soft Silicone brush head designed to reach any corner for you. Very helpful with cleaning the toilet lid edge, and inside the groove of the toilet.

More Hygienic

Featuring a slim and compact quick-dry holder with practical ventilation slots for storing the brush with no mess. The holder is detachable allowing it to be rinsed and cleaned so there's no bacteria build up.

Rinse with ease

The flat silicone head rinses dirt away with ease and doesn’t retain water like a conventional toilet brush, so there’s no drips everywhere when cleaning.

Multiple Usages To Clean Multiple Things

Buy multiple for each bathroom or use it for a sink, wash basin, and even bathtubs.

Brand New Bathroom

Remove stains & grimes to restore a clean & hygiene bathroom

Reduce Odor

Putting the brush into the holder will block any inner smell and any unpleasant odors in your bathroom.

Non-Scratch Brush

Silicone Brush is a flexible, D-shaped silicone head that reaches all areas, even under your toilet rim!


✅ Flexible: Non-scratch brush head perfect for hard to reach arears
✅ Deep Clean: ergonomic toilet brush for strong, deep cleaning from drain to under the rim
✅ No Clogging: doesn't clog with bog and tissues and can be rinsed easily
✅ Less Drips: doesn't absorb water so there less dripping all over the floor
✅ Quick Dry: ventilated holder to improve hygiene and keep base clean

Silicone flex toilet brush

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