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Make Your Home Look New Again!

Say goodbye to old and dull décor. It’s time to enhance the ambience and mood of your living space. From kitchen slab to your phone cover, our Waterproof Marble Sticker makes everything look brand new!


✅ Self-Adhesive- No glue or any special tool is needed, making the process easy and simple
✅ Protective- Repellent against water, oil, moisture, and stain of liquid. Can also withstand high temperature.
✅ Easy To Use- Easy to install and remove, leaving no residues or stickiness
✅ No Mess- Easy to clean and wipe due to PVC material
✅ Anti-Fouling- Will not cause mold or ruin your surfaces
✅ Long Durability- Guaranteed to last for a long time
✅ Fire Resistant- Its Fire Proof.

Self-Adhesive & Removable

Peel off the adhesive backing paper and stick to any dry flat surface. PVC material, waterproof, dust-proof and moisture-proof; Wipes clean with a damp cloth or sponge.

Waterproof, Oil-proof & Easy to Clean

We all know how dirty kitchen stove can be, but with the new marble sticker which are resistant to water, oil, sweat, dust, you won’t be annoyed with kitchen issue again. Just wipe the dirty out with cloth and it is done.

Use It Anywhere

The marble sticker is designed for countertop, cupboard, table, drawer, smooth wall, cabinet, glass, dresser, and bookcase and so on. The stickers are High Temperature Resistant, which is a safe choice for kitchen use.

How to Use

1. Clean the surface to remove dirt and dust.
Cut and adjust according to the length and breadth of the surface.
3. Apply the sticker.
Rub the sticker with hand on the surface to get rid of the bubbles


Question: Will this leave a mark on my surface?
Answer: Not at all! Our contact paper is expertly made with anti-fouling material so it does not leave any residues on the surface.

Question: What surfaces can I use this contact paper for?
Answer: Our versatile contact paper can be applied to ANY clean, flat surfaces.

Question: Is applying the contact paper hard?
Answer: Applying our contact paper is simple! Just follow these three steps:

Simply cut precisely to the right size by using the guidelines on the back.
Peel the sheet off of the paper backing and stick to any clean flat surface.
Use a tool with a straight edge to reduce air bubbles.

Question: What is the dimension of the contact paper?
Answer: 0.6m x 1m / 2ft x 3.3ft

Question: How long does it last for?
Answer: With proper care, our paper can last upwards of 3 years!

Question: Can you put hot pans and pots on it?
Answer: It is heat-resistant! The PVC material will allow for temperatures up to140°F or 60°C.


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