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Reusable Mason Jar Ziplock Bag Set (10 Pcs)

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On average, 1 single-use plastic bag is used for 12 minutes before getting thrown away. It takes 400 years to decompose a bag that you used for 12 minutes.

Switch To An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle!

Every year, on average, each person uses 350-600 plastic bags. You may think you’re paying for only 1 plastic bag, but actually, it amounts to the global crisis.

Take a step forward towards a safer lifestyle with - Sweepskart Reusable Mason Jar Ziplock Bags.

1 Reusable Ziplock Bag = 5,000 Single-use Plastic Bags

Sweepskart Mason Jar Reusable Ziplock Bags are eco-friendly and a saver substitute to single-use plastic bags. It eliminates the need to purchase countless plastic bags and wraps, saving you money and plastic waste from our oceans and wildlife.

Eat Fresh, Stay Fresh

The airtight and leak-proof ziplock protects your food from getting stale.
It maintains the freshness and completely isolates your food from the external airflow, extending its shelf life. Wherever you are, whenever you want, just eat fresh!

100% Recyclable BPA-Free Plastic

These mason jar ziplock bags are eco-friendly and are made of Tasteless, Non-toxic, 100% Recyclable & BPA-free plastic.

Wide Range of Uses 

As these ziplock bags are waterproof and leak-proof, it is easy for you to store any time of foot items in them. From lentils, sandwiches, nuts and grains to oils, kinds of butter, and any liquids, you can store whatever fits in!


Why Sweepskart Mason Jar Reusable Ziplock Bags are - THE BEST!

100% Recyclable
Stores up to 1 Liter
Saves money, space & planet
Keeps Food Safe & Fresh
Airtight & Leak-proof Ziplock
Waterproof & Strong Structure
A Cute Addition to Your Kitchen 


1. Each set includes: 10 pieces (3 Large + 4 Medium + 3 Small)
2. Microwave Safe: NO
3. Heat Resistance Capacity: 60°C to 100°C

Reusable Mason Jar Ziplock Bag Set (10 Pcs)

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