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Automatic Self Stirring Travel Mug

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You know that awesome feeling when your protein shake is silky and smooth with zero clumps?

Get that feeling every time with the Automatic Self Stirring Travel Mug! Rechargeable cells, easy to clean and mixes your any shake to perfection.
With an ergonomic design and leak prevention technology, this is what healthy living was missing.


Blends in 5 seconds. No Games. No mess. Our Mixing Technology blends with no clumps every time. super easy to use ! powerfully mix powder and liquids together in a tornado-like motion.
also works great for mixing juice, tea, and coffee. The ergonomically-designed mixer is constructed of acrylic with a stainless steel base and self-clean with a little detergent and water.


Manual Shaker Are pretty loud. Early in the morning or in the office making all that noise trying to get the perfect blend. Trying to ensure there are no clumps. This is why we've designed shaker with QB Technology. the shaker will silently blend your mix so you can minimize everyone in your vicinity knowing you're making your shake!


The Shaker is lightweight, portable. Has an easy grip loop for quick grabs with a spill profiled. Easily accessible drinking lid so you want to have to unscrew for sip.


Designed to be lightweight and durable so you can never miss a shake. Take it with you to the gym, office, hikes, yoga, spinning classes and much more. Blend on the go without having to worry about Spills mess and time consuming cleanups. Eliminate clumps and half mixed drinks using shaker. conveniently blend your favorite mixes in just a few seconds.



Our protein shake mixer use AAA disposable batteries instead of those non-replaceable rechargeable batteries.

1.The capacity of the rechargeable batteries will fade. And rechargeable batteries are easily have problem

2.AAA batteries is a conventional batteries, you can easily get it anywhere.


Smaller size which is more suitable for girls and kids, girls will LOVE it, leak-proof cover, safe to put in lady handbag. Total weight is light. It's more portable.


The Automatic Self Stirring Travel Mug is BPA Free And eco-friendly. not just a powerful shaker but but holds a 650ml drink can be used as a water bottle. Made of food grade tritan material, easy to clean, artistically and elegantly designed, giving you a good feel.
Please add your proteins powder or other ingredients before liquids. then hold down the On/off switch, located conveniently on the base of the cup, and the powerful mixing blades in this tumbler quickly blends your drink in a circular motions.


Motor Voltage: 3V
Capacity: 650ml
Material: Tritan
Size: 19.6x12.1cm/7.72x4.76in
Color options: Light Green, Pink & Blue

Automatic Self Stirring Travel Mug

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